Romantic nights under the meteor shower

12 August’18th … I was enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony with my half. We had been going through some tough times, maybe the toughest in our life. It was a beautiful silent night and there we were making thousands of plans…as we were silently watching the sky I saw for the first time a falling star…then another one followed…oau, we didn’t even have many wishes prepared! The moment was magic and full of emotion. We took it as a sign that better days will follow.

August’19th  – I open Facebook and I cross across an event organized by Bucharest Mall – “Perseids Night”…Aha! So this is what it was. For those of you (like me) who hear for the first time about this naming, The Perseids are one of the brighter meteor showers of the year, according to

What followed next on August 12th: a bottle of wine, 2 glasses, ice, one husband and a clear sky. The meteor shower was not as spectacular as the one from the previous year, although this time I had all my wishes with me; 2 hours after midnight I’ve remembered that a long day is going to follow. It’s official: we have our first family tradition # romantic nights under the meteor shower.  

No matter what they are, Perseids (in August), Draconids and Orionids(in October), Leonids (in November) etc. I encourage you to take your family or friends or why not just yourself and for a couple of hours just watch the sky, then let me know how you felt.

The meteor shower calendar can be found here.

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