Nowadays superheroes

We recognize them by their big wet yes, by the colorful laughter or by the smile which is missing two teeth…They are the ones waiting for at least 8 hours per day for us to return. Their superpowers are not visible to everyone, they can be seen only by other superheroes like them.

They teach us patience, unconditional love, they open old traumas and they cure them after with a kiss. They make the biggest fears disappear and somehow, they force us to redefine courage.

Nowadays superheroes understand that the world we live in does not recognize their value, they put an equal sign between respect and love, and they respect authority because they want to not because they must. They never shut up, they ask for their rights until they get what they want and even a bit more. They are generous and wait for nothing in return.

But the most important maybe, they have understood that intelligence is the only weapon they need in order to win.

This is how they are, a spring of energy, dynamite, they smell like milk and chocolate, like rainbow…

Did you recognize them?

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