Ezerets camping

Now that our girls grew, and we have regained our independence to some extent, we decided to go camping more often. We love it because we get to spend time in nature, not too much planning is needed ahead and it’s not expensive at all (I am excluding the costs for the tent and the accessories).

So here we are, 9th of August: luggage done and ready to go. Destination: Ezerets – Bulgaria. Basically, from Vama Veche add 20 more km and you have arrived. We left Bucharest at 6:30 AM and we reached the camping place at 10:30 AM.

We installed the tent in the sea side pine forest (free camping). The forest gives you the chill you need during the day (although we had 40 degrees Celsius out in the sun, near the tent we had to put our hoodies on) and it’s ideal for hammocks, while the pine needles carpet covers all the bumps on the ground meaning that we slept very well only with the insulation mats plus a blanket. The place is magic – wild, noncommercial (no sunbeds, one beach bar with maximum 10 tables where one could eat fresh fish or have a cold beer). We will return but off-season because…

What I DIDN’T LIKE about Ezerets: uneducated tourists, 80% from Romania. I am listing few examples: high volume music, fireworks at 3AM, playing the trumpet, screaming and the “the toilet” … a bushes area next to the forest used as a public toiled…Dear fellows, since you are shaming the dog owners who don’t clean after their pets, what are you doing instead? I cried… felt sorry that we are destroying such beautiful place.

I plan to be the change that I want to see in the world so I’ve sent some emails to whom I thought might be in position to change something: the Bulgarian authorities and a local TV channel, in the hope that we could see an educative material on this subject.

If you visited Ezerets as well and want to join forces to save this little piece of heaven, please she with us improvement ideas … I believe in the power of many!

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