Meet-up or where to meet people who share your interests

I discovered Meetup by accident, 6 months ago, when I was searching online for events on digitalization that I could join, hoping to learn some new things to help me at my workplace.

What is meet up? A service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests (reading, IT, camping, family, wellness, startups etc).

In practice: you need to access the Meet-up website where, after you set up a user and a password, you can search among the existing groups and if you find something that catches your interest, you can request to join the group. You can also create your own group and host events in a field that you choose. Also, you can check the meetups calendar within your area and according to the availability, you can choose which one to attend. Some of the meetups are free of charge while others can perceive a tax. However, this is always mentioned in the event’s details.

From my perspective this platform is useful for those who are interested in learning through peer interaction. It’s a good way to socialize and change ideas on various themes and why not, to grow passions.

Personally, I’ve attended an RPA (robotic process automation) meetup organized by UiPath and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I am now following to see when the next Bucharest WordPress meetup will take place, most likely somewhere in September, I will attend for sure.

I encourage you all to explore it and who knows maybe we “meet up”!

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