The mirror

For some years now it’s cool not to own a TV. We have 3 😊) Those who gave up their TVs are very proud and ironically throw out a phrase like … “I don’t know, I don’t have a TV at home” when they chat with their friends (I promise to prepare a post on this subject in the future) … Now, guess what? I don’t have a mirror!

Yes, I am a 33 years old woman who doesn’t have a mirror at home (those in the bathroom are excluded). And if I remember well, I don’t have one for 11 years, since I graduated from University – ironic right? I never felt the need to buy one, never missed it, actually I didn’t even notice we don’t have a mirror until one day when my husband asked me to take a photo of him in his new costume so he could actually see if it fits 😊)

In principle I don’t understand fashion, I don’t really spend money on clothing (I have one pair of jeans and I still wear a jacket from high school), I admire natural beauty, kindness and intelligence more than fake nails and shoes. I care a lot about how I look, but on the inside, as a human being. I can spend hours analyzing how I feel, my emotions, conversations, make plans and yet leave the house in a hurry … only when I get to the office, I notice my messy hair, or that the mat tights I chose don’t match my dress.

I’d love to see modesty in back in trends this season; to read on the Vogue cover headlines like “Generosity dictates the year trends” or “Do you want to win her? Read more”

If I was a designer, I would name my collection “Intelligence with shades of generosity and empathy”

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