I like my sunsets as flashy as possible

The sunset is by far my favorite moment of the day. I look for it everywhere, at home, during holidays, at the office or in the car.

The sunset builds a magic frame for special time. Accompanied by a glass of wine, or why not, a cup of tea, it helps getting your thoughts together, appreciate what you have and make plans.  When admired together with your life partner is a great moment of connection. It can be an astronomy lesson for the children or relax time with friends. It helps us disconnect from the daily routine and anchors us in the universe.

When it comes to sunsets, the coolest thing is that the location really doesn’t matter. Hence, I strongly believe that the sunset in the country side is 1000 time better than the one in Paris.

As far as I am concerned, I have admired the most spectacular sunsets from my balcony (Bucharest), but I also have some stick to my heart examples from abroad like the Salonikios beach in Thassos or the on in Stockholm in the month of February.

Wherever you are, look for it and enjoy it. Be yourself a sunset everyday: shiny and warm, full of hope, all-encompassing!

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