RPA for everyone

Last week, Forbes magasine, wrote about the great success of Uipath and his co-founder Daniel Dines. For those who don’t know, UiPath is a Romanian startup founded in 2015 which activates in the process automation field (robotic process automation, or RPA).

And because today it’s Friday, the day we learn something new, i plan to introduce you, at a very high level, RPA. Why at a very high level? First of all because i am a begginer in this area and secondly because RPA is way to complex to be described in a blog post.

My definition for the RPA is – a technological method through which tideous, rule based tasks can be executed by a program (software robot). For example: invoice booking, filling in forms, reporting tasks, travel and expense claims etc. In other words: digital workforce.

If we were to judge after the success of such companies (BluePrism, UiPath and AutomationAnywhere) the 4th industrial revolution has already started and it better find us prepared.

Basically, the labor market, the way we know, it today will no longer exist in the future. This should not scare us… i mean, 10 years ago there were no job openings for social media specialists or e-commerce administrators. The secret is to learn and adapt fast.

UiPath offers to whoever is willing to learn, a series of free courses on RPA and its implementation benefits. All you need to do is to access the RPA Academy link. I recommend as a starting point the RPA Awareness and RPA Starter training. Later, if you like it and decide that you want to learn more, on their platform you can find role based and level based trainings. Even more, from time to time they organize various meetings (online or even Meet-ups; about Meet-up i wrote here)  where they discuss and support on different subjects in the RPA area.

 In a more cheerful note, if I, blonde, graduate in geography and mother since 2014, was able to understand RPA, i have no doubt that this technology is accessible to whoever is willing to invest the time and effort in learning.

In the end, we can only thank and congratulate UiPath for showing a different face of Romania to the world, for explaining RPA so that everyone can understand it, but maybe the most important, for sharing their courses for free.

Credit – photo – https://www.azquotes.com/quote/730253

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