Bucharest City Tour

We moved to Bucharest in 2005. If we were to sum, the years add up to 14. All this time we experimented the capital from various perspectives: students, employees, patients and now, parents, but unfortunately, to little as tourists.

Many people claim Bucharest has nothing to offer…I tell them Bucharest it’s really not about what it has to offer, but more about how you choose to relate to it.

This year we planned to grow this touristic-parents of Bucharest side of ourselves.

So, the 15th of August, here we are, together with our 5- and 3-years old daughters, in front of Hotel Horoscop waiting for the double-decker bus to take us to the (too) long dreamed Bucharest City Tour.

One hour later, we went down at the same station with the kids desperately asking for “another round” and honestly if it wasn’t already lunch time, I would have given up happily.

What did the girls enjoy most about the bus ride? The open upper deck seats, touching the tree leaves, following the objectives sequence on the map, recognizing places we visited previously (ex: Astronomical Observatory), observing the houses, the streets and the people.

What did, we, as adults, appreciated? The price (25 RON per adult ticket, children under age 7 can enjoy the ride for free), the duration (approx. 50 minutes), the impressive architecture of the houses on Kiseleff boulevard, which as a pedestrian, you would not be able to capture due to the ridiculously tall and closed fences.

I recommend you to take this tour during spring or autumn, if possible during workdays to avoid heat (the upper deck is open and you will be directly exposed to the sun) and crowds (if the bus is too crowded there is a risk you might not get a sit on the upper deck). The season closes on 31st of October 2019.

More useful information about the Bucharest City Tour Guide, you can find here.

P.S We ended the touristic adventure with pizza and ice-cream in the old town. 

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